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 Guy Fawkes Night


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Guy Fawkes Night is a very British celebration. It celebrates a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament (that’s where Big Ben is) in London. This was probably one of the first examples of terrorism, only it didn’t work. It all happened on November the fifth, 1605. A group of Catholics who were unhappy with their Protestant rulers wanted to bring the government down. Their leader was a man called Guy Fawkes and his plan was called the Gunpowder Plot. Fortunately, some passers-by saw Guy Fawkes and his followers with the gunpowder. Guy Fawkes was arrested. He was put on a bonfire and burned to death. In Britain and former British colonies, this day is also called Bonfire Night.
Bonfire Night is perhaps the biggest outdoor celebration in Britain. Unfortunately, it is in winter and takes place at night. You have to brave the cold, but it is a happy occasion. Every town and village puts on a fireworks display. There is usually a large bonfire in the middle of the town. People gather at it to watch the fireworks and eat traditional Guy Fawkes Night food. Baked potatoes and toffee apples are the most popular treats. There is usually a mock guy on the bonfire to represent the real one that died 400 years ago. Many families have smaller celebrations and will have their own, private fireworks display in their garden. There are many warnings to be careful because every year, children are injured in fireworks accidents.

Match the following phrases from the article.
Paragraph 1
1.blow up the Housesa.down
2the first examplesb.burned to death
3.bring the governmentc.colonies
4.his plan was called thed.of Parliament
5.He was put on a bonfire ande.of terrorism
6.former Britishf.Gunpowder Plot
Paragraph 2

1.the biggest outdoora.treats
2takes placeb.celebration in Britain
3.a happyc.accidents
4.in the middled.at night
5.the most populare.occasion
6.children are injured in fireworksf.of the town
Spell the jumbled words (from the text) correctly.
Paragraph 1
1.a failed aemtttp
2.one of the first eplxeams
3.November the hfitf
4.aerspss-by saw Guy Fawkes
5.bneurd to death
6.mofrer British colonies
Paragraph 2
7.odooutr celebration
8.vbrae the cold
9.fireworks dpsaliy
10.plauopr treats
11.warnings to be rfcauel
12.nrejiud in fireworks accidents
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Guy Fawkes Night
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