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Key features:
It appeals to teenagers through a modern, attractive magazine format and explores issues that teenagers want to talk about. Many of the topics have been revised and updated to keep the material fresh and relevant. 
There is a thorough grammar syllabus. Grammar is taught in context - teaching points arise naturally from the reading or listening texts, showing how structures are really used. After every two units 'Grammar review' and 'Grammar practice' sections provide essential consolidation and further practice. 
There is a balance of skills work throughout. Reading exercises have been added which provide a gentle introduction to FCE-style comprehension tasks. Writing work is given greater support, with a carefully structured guided writing syllabus. 
The 'Getting Streetwise!' sections of the course focus on functional and situational language, as well as strategies for conversational English. 
There is an emphasis on vocabulary development and word-building.
A range of exercises and activities cater for all abilities.
Six new songbook pages related to unit themes have a strong teen appeal. Each song provides a motivating context for reading, speaking and listening activities.
New Self-check and Self-test exercises at regular intervals encourage learner autonomy and self-assessment.
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