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 Історія та секрети парку “Діснейленд” в США


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Дата реєстрації : 18.08.2015
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Walt Disney was one of the most famous people ever to have lived. He has touched the lives of millions of children and adults. He holds the record for winning the  most Academy Awards (26) and was an innovative film producer and animator. He created some of the most successful characters, movies and theme parks of the 20th Century.
Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago. He developed a great love of drawing as a youngster. When he was ten, he discovered the world of theatre and cinema and fell in love with it. He became the cartoonist for his high school newspaper. In 1920, he set up his own animation company and his “Laugh-O-Gram” cartoons became very popular.
Disney wanted more and so he moved to Hollywood. He developed a character based on a pet mouse he once had. He gave the mouse his own voice and personality. Disney’s wife named him Mickey. Disney put Mickey in his first movie with sound, ‘Steamboat Willie’. By 1930, Mickey Mouse was the world’s most popular cartoon character and Walt Disney was a household name.
Following on from Mickey’s success, Disney created characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. He then produced an animated feature-length version of Snow White, which was the most successful movie of 1938. Dozens more movies followed, including Fantasia and Bambi. Disney built up a global entertainment empire, including his Disneyland theme park. He died of cancer in 1966.

Match the words from the article on the left with their synonyms on the right. Are your answers the same as other students’?
Paragraphs 1 and 2
5.set upe.has

Paragraphs 3 and 4
7.based ong.character
9.a household namei.came after
10.versionj.centred around
Match the following phrases from the article:
1.He has touched thea.voice and personality
2an innovative filmb.own animation company
3.He developed a great love ofc.on a pet mouse
4.fell ind.name
5.he set up hise.producer and animator
6.He developed a character basedf.entertainment empire
7.He gave the mouse his owng.lives of millions of children
8.Walt Disney was a householdh.drawing as a youngster
9.an animated feature-lengthi.fell in love with it
10.Disney built up a globalj.version of Snow White
The underlined, jumbled words are from the text. Spell them correctly.
Paragraph 1
1.oteudch the lives of millions of children
2.He holds the roedrc for winning the most
3.an innovative film cderurop
4.ehmte parks

Paragraph 2
5.He edleeopdv a great love of drawing
6.he crevodieds the world of theatre
7.the srcttioona for his high school newspaper
8.he set up his own aaiotinmn company

Paragraph 3
9.He developed a character bsdae on a pet mouse
10.his own ciove and personality
11.the world’s most ulorapp cartoon character
12.Walt Disney was a oluhhedso name

Paragraph 4
13.Finowlolg on from Mickey’s success…
14.Dozens more movies lelodowf
15.Disney built up a global entertainment pmiree
16.He died of narecc in 1966
With your partner, put the words back into the correct order.
1.lives    has    the    He    of    children    millions    of    touched    
2.created    He    characters    successful    most    the    of    some
3.drawing    youngster    a    of    a    developed    love    as    He    great
4.world    of    theatre    When    he  was    ten    ,    he   discovered   the
5.high    his    for    cartoonist    the    became    He    school
6.once    character    a    he    a    on    mouse    had    based    pet
7.put    movie    Mickey    with    in    sound    his    Disney    first
8.Walt    name    household    a    was    Disney
9.Donald    Disney    characters    as    Duck    created    such
10.up    global    empire    built    a    entertainment    Disney
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Історія та секрети парку “Діснейленд” в США
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